GTA San Andreas

Year: March 2019

Laungauge: English & Spanish

Publisher: GTA Team Ltd


Rating: 5.0


GTA 5 Review Survey Standards

Our primary objective is to give full and valuable game surveys. Our creators carefully pursue the standards: least 15 hours of ongoing interaction, storyline completement, all multiplayer and challenge modes play and long periods of gaming background.

Have you at any point longed for something like an actual existence test system? Dislike nice Sims, something progressively practical with a lot of abilities and opportunities? Simply think for a moment how you gradually wake up, eat into the bed, turn on a TV, put your suit on, get down to business on your extravagance vehicle and completion your weekday in a bar with a few enchanting delights.

Not terrible, correct? I'm referencing the majority of this equitable to tell you that such life test system has been now made and its name is Grand Theft Auto V. So you don't have to dream any longer, GTA will happily acquaint you with this superb universe of reenactment.

The greater part of the players didn't anticipate from GTA V something totally changed and very new. Be that as it may, Rockstar has been dealing with their idea of the arrangement for a considerable length of time and not futile.

Fantastic Theft Auto V is substantially more than an open world. It's a respectable venture with exceptional and concealed before illustrations, diverse complex interactivity and a broadly extended rundown of activities accessible to the player. All GTA 5 download connections you can get by tapping the catch "Get Game."

Designs 5/5

Xbox One rendition of GTA V's awards you with a profoundly convincing element - a first-individual mode. Obviously, we as a whole recollect how we used to play a top-down shooter with some really brutal scenes of violations that we preferably saw as observers over felt ourselves partaking there.

So the primary individual mode fundamentally changes how you see and see the GTA V's reality. Playing the game along these lines you will invest more energy in intuition whether you ought to carry out violations or basically quit doing them.

That is something other than what's expected for GTA, yet obviously, it is anything but an awful thing particularly after this game got over and again condemned for commending a criminal style of life.

In the event that we contrast GTA V with the past arrangement, we'll notice immediately essentially improved excellent designs with discernibly more keen visuals and surfaces. Referencing new activity level, lights and focal point impacts, we can't skirt the game's goals since it's extraordinary compared to other that the gaming scene has ever met.

You can find in subtleties anything you desire from signs on the shop windows to little raindrops on the ground. What's more, seeing the majority of this in first-individual is something beyond pleasure.

You can without much of a stretch tilt the camera up, above and around the city whenever, so you will probably simply strolling around the roads in the first place and looking for a considerable length of time everything that will go over your eyes.

Simply don't get overexcited about the reasonable designs that third-individual mode would never give you since this game has considerably more to shock you with.

System Requirement

You need at least 16Go on your computer/consoles.


How to Change the Nickname?

1. Open the folder with the game, find the file rev.ini

2. A notebook open file rev.ini

3. Locate the line with PlayerName = Player, so just replace Player in the Your nickname



Latest News

March 1, 2019

We make a new tutorial to help you with the installation on differents consoles. Feel free to check our video! Thanks.

March 8 , 2019

We finally made the final version of GTA 5, you can download it for free and it works perfectly on all consoles. WARNING : Each consoles need his different steps, please follow carefully the instructions.

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